Sometimes waking up and getting ready for a 3-hour church day, by yourself, is hard.

Sometimes walking into church with your 10 year old son in tow, as a part-member family is hard.

Sometimes listening to people give beautiful talks about how grateful and blessed they are to have been sealed in the Temple with their eternal companion is hard.

Sometimes having to prepare a lesson to teach the youth about the importance of Temple marriages, when you haven't been married in the Temple, is hard.

Sometimes wanting a simple blessing, but not wanting to bother your Home Teachers or others in the church is hard.

Sometimes trying to teach about the Priesthood to your 10 year old son, is hard.

Sometimes going to the Temple by yourself is hard.

Sometimes trying to make spiritual lessons a priority in a household that doesn't put spirituality as a priority is hard.

Sometimes trying to justify the word of wisdom for the 100th time is hard.

Sometimes, everything seems so hard.

And then sometimes I just have to pray for help to just continue and to get through the things that I feel are so hard. And sometimes, I feel the overpowering love that my Savior has for me during these times and I am reminded that I have a divine privilege of teaching my son the gospel.

And then sometimes church isn't hard at all.