Yesterday I debarked from The Disney Wonder. Today, I'm going to tell you everything about it!

This was our first Disney Cruise Line (DCL) experience, and I want to say that we are self-proclaimed Disney Junkies, so in some ways I feel my opinion may be slightly bias. But I'll definitely be honest in everything that I tell you about DCL and our experience on The Wonder.

Here's the gist of itinerary:
February 8: Drove from Greenville, SC to Cocoa Beach, FL
February 9: Embarked and departed on The Disney Wonder from Port Canaveral, FL
February 10: Day At Sea
February 11: Castaway Cay
February 12: Debarked at Port Canaveral and drove to Greenville, SC

Here are the Cliff Notes for those of you who just want the quick run down and don't care about the details. Also down below I have some tips for you!

The Good:
  • The atmosphere is amazing
  • Everywhere is incredibly family friendly
  • Service is absolutely amazing (although we had some mishaps with dinner service)
  • Free sodas!
  • The staterooms are amazing
  • The shows!
  • Castaway Cay is so fun, especially with the smaller ship
  • Character pictures!
  • Participate in Fish Extender Exchanges at least once!
The Bad:
  • It's expensive (at least in comparison to Carnival)
  • Our dinner server and assistant server was a little off - I'll go into that in more details below but this is apparently NOT the norm.
  • You'll want to go back.. seriously. Is this a bad thing or not?
  • If you participate in Fish Extender Groups, you may need another suitcase!

  • We've heard that the food is so much better on DCL. We loved the variety of food, but felt it was on par even with Carnival. It wasn't worse by any means, we just didn't find it that much more spectacular

Now for those of you who really want the details.. this part is for you!