Hi! I'm Jonna, nice to meet you.. kind of. In a one-way-kind-of-meeting way since you are meeting me and I have no idea that you're even looking at this page unless I check my stats. Anywho.

I'm a military brat who moved to South Carolina after growing up overseas. I've lived in Arizona, Missouri, Georgia, California, Utah, South Korea and Japan (not necessarily in that order). But after graduating high school in Japan I moved to Southern Utah and attended Dixie State College. After a year or so I decided I needed to be closer to family and I hopped over to the East Coast and landed in South Carolina. I've grown to love it here, quirks and all.

So, you came here looking to get to know me a little better? You asked for it!

I love cooking and Disney and reading and nine million other things in between depending on the day and my mood.

I've got a wonderful husband that has kept me around for over 15 years (which is no easy feat let me tell you...) so he deserves a lot of credit. I have an absolutely awesome kid, who makes me smile every single day (except for when I'm screaming gently guiding him through bad decisions).

I talk a lot about my family because they are the most important thing in the world to me.

I talk a lot about Disney.

I talk a lot about my faith, it's not something I have always been strong in but as I've gotten older wiserI've realized what an important thing it is. I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Yup, I'm a "Mormon". I promise I will not try to convert you (too often).

I talk a lot about random things.

Did I mention I talk a lot about Disney?

So there you have a bit about me. Glad to have you stop by my little "brain dump" on the internet. If you're still reading this, please make yourself known to me, I'd love to know you!